Export Pallets

Product name:Wooden pallets/pallets

Product model:4#2F1210

Size: 1200*1000mm

Load weight:

Dynamic loads:1.2T
Static load:3T
Shelves: 1T

Product details


Pallets are also known as pallets/pallets/floor plates/silo pads

It has the characteristics of easy to use, flexible, strong and durable, and is a widely used consumable in the warehousing and transportation industry.

According to the direction of forking: four-way fork, two-way fork, four-way fork in department

According to specifications: 100×100cm (international standard), 110×110cm, 120×80cm (European standard), 120×100cm (Korean, Chinese standard), 120×120cm, etc. Our company can design and customize according to your company's size and load-bearing needs, and there is no additional design fee.

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