Industry dynamics


      Use and buy inspection-free card plates, no worries! After the double guarantee of process and quality, the performance of the inspection-free card plate will be the final process to check whether the product is qualified and meets the needs of use, how many kilograms of impact can the inspection-free card plate withstand, standard deformation, environmental protection indicators, moisture content of finished products and so on.


Consumers do not have to worry, professional-level card plate manufacturers will provide the national authoritative testing department testing data and national standards as a reference for consumers' choice. Moreover, the inspection-free pallet is also tested for solid wood materials.


The inspection-free card plate uses logs as materials, carries out drying and shaping treatment, reduces moisture, eliminates internal stress, and then carries out cutting, planing, broken, edging, sanding and other finishing processing to form profile plates.


The profile plates are bound into semi-finished plates with anti-peeling nails, and finally finished, anti-slip and waxed.


The inspection contents of the solid wood material of the exempt card board are as follows:


1. Decking edge impact test, pad block impact test, corner drop, stacking test.


2. Bending test, bottom decking test, load sharing test, material water absorption test, environmental treatment, load sharing test.


3. The total content of the four heavy metals of lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium should be less than 100ppm.


4. Water rate, size, appearance, stacking test, drop test, dynamic load capacity, static load weight.


5. Observational inspection, moisture content, stacking, lifting, drop test.


6. Quantity deviation, packaging method, eight-sided bearing capacity.